Nepal offers varieties of trekking and tour and other tourist activities. There are extreme expeditions, trekking to the base of the Himalayas, River rafting, City tours, Day hiking, cycling and etc.

Some tourist do not have long holiday to spend multiple days to enjoy the Nepal’s beauty. They can enjoy similar activities even in a single day. The most popular day tours as following.

Day hiking: There are some popular hiking near Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. The hiking is a mixed of walking up hill, down hill, flat and enjoy the view of Himalaya, downtown and local lifestyle along the trail. One day hiking could be from couple of hours to long day. That depends up on the interest of the hiker and area. The popular hiking in Kathmandu are Champadevi hiking and Nagarkot Hiking.

Day Rafting: There are day rafting trips in Trishuli river and Bhotekoshi river  from Kathmandu and Upper Seti river from Pokhara. That is a one full day trip. Rafting require at least 2 to multiple persons at a time.

Day canyoning: Canyoning is a adventure trip with a technical assistance of a guide. There are some Popular canyoning day trip near Kathmandu and in Pokhara. The canyoning can be done from 1 person to multiple person at a time.

Day cycling: Day cycling tour around Kathmandu and Pokhara is fun filled and adventure. The route can be fixed as per the clients intention from few hours to 6-7 hrs.  This tour can be done from a single person to multiple persons at a time.

Day city tour: This is a escorted tour by a professional city tour guide by car/ van. The are UNESCO World Heritage Site tour around Kathmandu and scenic and interesting spot around Pokhara. it is possible from 1 person to multiple person at a time.

Day cooking training: Cooking training is a learning a local food cooking and experience a local culture as well as. The professional cooking classes are more available in Kathmandu. That can be from 3 hours to 5 hrs. The cooking class tour can do from a single person to 5-6 person at a time.


Day Hiking Pokhara - 2 days

View from Nagarkot

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