Food in Bhutan:

Bhutanese have their own hot and spicy cuisine.  Shakam Datashi, Dumplings, Ema Datashi, Shakam Paa are some dishes you can try when traveling there.  But there are western menu to all the western standard hotel and restaurants.
Bhutanse national language is Dzongkhar, which is a old Tibetan language. City people can speak English. There are some Nepali origin Bhutanese who speak Nepali as well as.

Bhutan is a Purely Buddhist country. Their culture is based on Buddhism.

Bhutan has their own currency called Nultrum. But they accept major foreign currency. Us$, Euro and Indian Rupee are easily accepted.

Bhutan has a monsoon from Bay of Bengal. June, July and August remain rainy. The winter gets below zero to the northern part.

Political system:
Bhutan is a Kingdom. They have a prime minister from the people. The king directly rule the kingdom.