Nepal offers the best holiday tours in the world who loves culture, history and nature. The birth place of Buddha, Supreme God of Hindu temple and the top of the world can be covered just in one holiday only in Nepal.

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour:

There are hundreds of Buddhist Stupa and Chaitya just in Kathmandu valley. Boudhanath and Swyambhuanth are believed to be the holiest site to the Buddhist people from all over the world. The Lama, Nuns and their dedication to Buddha are inspiring to everyone in this materialistic world. Visiting them in the Gumpas and talking to them can be a life time experience from the traveling of Nepal.

Hindu Pilgrimage Tour:

Nepal is the ultimate pilgrimage to the Hindus from all over the world. The supreme GOD of the the Hindu, Shival Temple is situated in Kathmandu. The Holy sites (lake, temple, Saligrams) in the mountain like Muktinath, Damodar Kunda, Gosain Kunda etc are everywhere. The Hindu people believe, visiting those sites, taking bath to this lake or greeting to Saligram, they can get rid from the Sins. It would not just a holiday but holiday to GODs place.

Cultural and Historical tour

Nepal has more than 2000 years old recorded history whether about the Buddha, Hindu or about civilization. The people are very rich in culture and tradition such as the festivals, the rituals and customs. Beside that, Nepal is the only country where you can see the worlds highest Himalayan peaks to the north and flat land below 100m from one point. The living GOD Kumari, Samonism or other culture shock can find only in Nepal.

National park and safari tour

Nepal’s national park compare to African safari in Asia. There are a Bangal Tigers, wild elephant, one horn rhinos, malels, reptiles, birds and so many to see and explore. safari in Chitwan and Bardiya national park offers a elephant back safari and also jeep safari to explore the wildlife.

Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal

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