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  • Mt. Everest view point near Kathmandu
  • Explore rural life of Nepal.
  • Easy hiking, good for beginners, family and friends
  • Options available in case you want shorten or quit

Nagarkot Day Hiking Tour Overview

Nagarkot day hiking tour stands as the most renowned hiking destination within the Kathmandu Valley. It offers a splendid opportunity to witness the Himalayas, immerse in local culture, and appreciate the beauty of nature. The hike commences with a one-hour ride to the viewpoint, leading through cultural villages where you'll encounter people engaged in goat grazing and women gracefully carrying firewood on their backs.

A stroll before 10 am may afford you the chance to witness the local wine-making process. The trail encompasses gentle descents, ascents, and level stretches, traversing through forested areas, gravel motor roads, and small pavements. To the northeast, you'll be greeted by the majestic Himalayan panorama, including Mt. Everest, Gauri Shanker, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Annapurna. Towards the southwest, the captivating Kathmandu Valley unfolds. En route to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Changu Narayan, you'll traverse a delightful valley adorned with seasonal crops. If fortune favors you, serendipitous encounters such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, or weekend celebrations may enrich your experience.

Exploring Nagarkot and its surroundings offers various options, ranging from day trips to multi-day treks. Popular choices include sunrise tours, sunset tours, and opportunities for overnight stays. Tailored tour options for Nagarkot day hiking are available to cater to diverse preferences.

Nagarkot Sunrise tour:

Commencing at 4:30 am from the heart of downtown, typically from your hotel, this excursion entails a 1 hour and 15-minute drive to the vantage point at Nagarkot, situated at an elevation of 2175 meters. Delight in the breathtaking sunrise, accompanied by a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks. Capture memorable moments through photography before proceeding to a local restaurant in Nagarkot for a leisurely breakfast. Following this, there will be a return journey to the hotel, allowing for a period of rest and relaxation. Subsequently, you have the option to explore the downtown area at your leisure or, if preferred, inquire about additional tours within the downtown vicinity.

Day hiking to Nagarkot from Kathmandu

Renowned as one of the favored hiking routes around Kathmandu, Nagarkot to Changu offers diverse pathways, with the most frequented being the Nagarkot to Changu route. This trail winds through cultural villages, accompanied by the scenic backdrop of the Himalayas amidst lush forests. Characterized by a moderate terrain with undulating elevations, descents, and level stretches, the journey concludes at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Changu. Exploration at Changu involves visiting a temple boasting the oldest stone carvings in Nepal, along with inscriptions dating back approximately 2000 years. The route encompasses encounters with goat-grazing communities, women gracefully carrying loads on their backs, locals engaging in home wine-making, and the spectacle of seasonal crops in the fields. As the hike concludes, a selection of restaurants awaits for a leisurely lunch before returning to your hotel. Throughout the journey, you may chance upon cultural moments, such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, or weekend festivities, adding depth to the overall experience. With a moderate duration of approximately 3-4 hours, this hike is well-suited for families, friends, and seniors alike.

Options to Nagarkot day hiking tour.

  • Changunarayan - Bhanjang- Nagarkot (4-5 hr)
  • Nagarkot view point- Bhanjang – Kathmandu (3-4hr)
  • Nagarkot- Bhanjang- Changunarayan (4-5hr)

Pick up Time:
The pickup time varies as per the tour option. The sunrise tour starts around 4:45am in Winter and 4:30 am in Summer. We will fix the time when we confirm the booking.

The View from Nagarkot:
The major views are Mt. Everest, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shanker, Numbur, Xisapangma, and many other small peaks. On the other side, the amazing Kathmandu valley can be seen.

Road Condition and distance:
There are two major routes to drive to Nagarkot view point. The road separates from Bhaktapur. The right (east) route is comparatively narrow and scenic and the other left from Bhaktaur is comparatively good. We suggest to one to go and other one to return.

Transport to Nagarkot day hiking tour:
We will provide good conditioned vehicle with air conditioned and an experienced driver.

Hiking Guide to Nagarkot day hiking tour:
An English-speaking guide with previous experience.

Breakfast: we will stop at a clean and hygiene restaurant for a breakfast. The restaurant offers continental and other good breakfast with tea/ coffee.

Local entrance will be included.

Temperature in Nagarkot:
The temperature goes below zero in the winter morning and and 15-20 in the afternoon. The summer would be around 10 degrees in the morning and 25-30 in a sunny day. We will provide you the average temperature while confirm the booking.

Price for Nagarkot day hiking tour:
We will offer the best updated price (2023) with an agreed tour route and services conditions.

Booking and confirmation:
With advance deposit, the tour will be confirmed. The rest of the amount will be payable before the departure.

The best time: October to April considered the best season. However, the weather condition can’t predict.

Clothing: You would require a warm clothing in a winter and normal T-Shirt is fine in summer. If you are taking a hiking tour, you are advised to wear long short and long pan. We will send you the clothing details when confirmed the booking.

What to bring/ wear: hiking shoes, trouser, long short, sun hat, gloves, sun glass, hiking pole, bottle water, some chocolate, day pack, tissue paper, camera, umbrella or rain coat etc.

Not to forget: You may encounter with a lady who is making a local whisky, chanting people in the Hindu temple and may encounter with wild animal and birds. Local people taking their goat to graze.

Wildlife around the jungle of Nagarkot:

Kathmandu valley surrounded by a forest. The forest is connecting to Nagarkot as well as. There are leopards, beer, deer, jackal, porcupine, wild boar, Indian pangolin, Aasami monkey, snake, squirrel etc. There are chances of spot an animal but most of the animal like to stay away from people and predicators rest into the deep jungle in the day time.

Birds watching around Nagarkot:

There are varieties of bird find in around Nagarkot. It is a good location who would like to enjoy nature, hiking and watch some birds. Some migrated birds come across the country in winter in Kathmandu valley. Generally, the followings are the common birds seen around Nagarkot. House Sparrow (भंगेरा , Common Myna (रुपी, Common Tailorbird (पात सिउने फिस्टो ) , Barn Swallow (घर गौथली,) Red Vented Bulbul (जुरेली), House Crow (काग), Long Tailed Shrike (भद्राई), Great Barbet (न्याउली), Black Drowngo (कालो चिबे), Blue Throated Barbet (कुथुर्के), White Throated Kingfisher(सेतोकोंठे माटीकोरे), Common Cuckoo (कुक्कु कोइलि), Spotted Owlet (लाटोकोशेरो), Asian Koel (कोइलि), Rose Ringed Parakeet (काठे सुगा), Spotted Dove (कुर्ले ढुकुर, Oriental Turtle Dove (तामे ढुकुर) Oriental Magpie Robin (धोबिनी), Common Pigeon ((मलेवा), Cattle Egret (बस्तु बकुल्ला) , Black Kite (कालो चिल , Indian Pond Heron (आस् कोटे बकुल्ला)

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English speaking hiking guide

Whats not Included?

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All kinds of meal, entry fee and Tipping to guide and driver

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5 - Excellent Based on 1 Review

Not only the mountains

Me and my colleague came to Kathmandu for a conference and we had a chance to take two day trips, a Kathmandy city tour and a Nagarkot hike. Luckily we happened to find Shekhar. What a professional guide! He also had a deep cultural knowledge, thus opening our eyes more to Nepali life and history during our short visit in the country. That we appreciated very much because for us, this was not only about hiking. The clouds prevented us from seeing the Himalaya view at Nagarkot but they did not prevent us from enjoying the day there.

Finland, 2023
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Travel Infos

Season and clothings

Nagarkot is 2100m from Sea level. It could have snow experience in the winter and rainy or hot day in summer. Please be prepared accordingly the season or ask us about clothings or etc.