Nepali Cooking Training 1 days

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Nepali Cooking Training - 1 Days


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  • Learn how to cook authentic Nepali meal at home
  • Know about Nepalese recipes and delicacies
  • Himalayan view in a clear day from our location
  • Crowd and pollution free and clean air
  • Nepali life style and culture

Nepali Cooking Training Overview

 नेपाली कुकिङ्ग ट्रेनिंग

Nepali cooking school for foreigners is located in Kathmandu. The foreigners will learn how to prepare Nepali dish. Ms. Kalpana, our cooking teacher is been cooking Nepali meal for more than 20 years. Her authentic Nepali food has been recommend (Tripadvisor) from previous learners.  The best of her cooking is MOMO, Dal Bhat Set, Pickle, Rice Pudding, Thukpa, Sel Roti, Masala tea etc. Nepali meal has lots of different varieties and uses many different spices to make it tasty. The major meal is Dal Bhat in the hilly region and Roti Tarkari in southern Nepal. The ingredients are mainly contained rice, wheat, lentil, potato, meet etc. The main cooking methods are deep fried, boiling, steaming, stewing and roasting.

Nepali cooking training itinerary

We will pick (7:30 approx) you up in the morning from the hotel (around downtown) and welcome to our school in Kirtiipur. Welcomed with Nepali Masala tea. The next start preparing the main course (Rice, Dal Soup, Chicken, seasonal Vegetable, Mushroom, Pickle, Papad and seasonal green veg)  and cooking. You will join actively in all activities like chopping, frying, boiling, mixing, or etc. Our cooking teacher will tell you in brief and you can ask at the mean time if you do not understand or want more specific.

Plain Rice: this is  a boiled plain rice. some people can mix some butter/ ghee but it is normally plain. You will learn how to measure water level, how long to cook and hit etc.
Dal soup: there are many different types of beans (black, brown, yellow etc) to use in dal. It is normally coked in water and mix some spices like ginger, garlic, cumin seed powder, turmeric powder, salt and ghee.
Vegetable: there are many different types vegetable (cauli flower, potato, green beans, tomato, pumpkin, foam guard and many more. generally it is stir fried mixing masala as per your taste.
Chicken: Stir fried chicken. Chicken will be stir fried and mix different masala as per your taste etc.
Mushroom: It will be also stir fried. simply fry in oil and mix spices, salt and cook in a small heat.
Pickle: there are many dazons types of pickle can be found. Generally the pickle is a mix of spices, sour and hot and some ingredients.

Nepali Cooking Training ( MoMo making Option):

MoMo is very popular meal in Nepal. There are varieties of momo can be found in the market. The general concept of momo is mix of mince meat, cabbage, onion and spices. The prepared ingredient will be wrapped with dough bread. Cooked in a steam and eta with pickle. The most enjoyed MOMOs are Chicken, Buff, Cheese, Veg etc.

How can we book?:
Please send us email
with the details of your required date and no of person who would like to join in teaching or you can call (+977-9813670109) directly by telephone as well as.
How to get there?:
Please provide us with your hotel details when booking. We will pick you from your hotel (Thamel, Patan or around) and drop you off after cooking finish.
Which food should we learn to cook:
There are many choices but the mostly learned recipes are Nepali Dal Bhat set and MOMO.
How to pay:
You can transfer to our bank to confirm you booking. The rest You can pay us after your arrival.

Vegetarian also ok?:
Yes, we will prepare a vegetarian set of the meal for you. Please mention your allergy or any dietary while booking.
Price starts from US$50.

Can you make it dinner:
Yes, instead of lunch cooking you do your cooking training in the evening.

Halal meat possible:
Yes, there are Halal meat shop in town. we can manage them. Please inform us in advance.

Where is the School located:
It is located 10km south of Thamel in a peaceful environment with beautiful environment. You could have a Himalayan view in a clear day including Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gauri Shankar and Mt.Everest

Cooking and Home Stay
We have home stay facilities as well as. You can spend 1 night with us and explore more about Nepali culture, tradition and many more recipes.

The above mention meal are the most common food among Nepali. Even though there are many other different recipes from Himalayan village to south Indian border.  The northern Himalayan village peoples meal is more similar to Tibetan whereas the south people eat more like Indian meal.

Whats Included?

  • Breakfast and lunch which you will make when learning.
  • Pick you up and drop to from your hotel/ guest house (Thamel and around)
  • Cooking materials as per agreed menu

Whats not Included?

Not Included
  • All the expenses in the city
  • Tipping and gratitude
  • If you like to stay at our home stay

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What to Expect in Nepali Cooking

Nepali cooking training is not only to learn how to cook but to see a Nepali lifestyle and culture. We provide a hygiene and professional class with tasty meal. You will escape the crowd, dust and noise while being in your cooking class. Do not miss it. We assure that you will get more value than what you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will give you two choices within (Dal Bhat set, MoMo, Thukpa, rice pudding, Sel Roti, Pakoda, Chapati, Halua, Malpuwa) Masala tea will come automatically.