During Arrival and Departure in Nepal

Your first meet with your agent in Nepal:
Your agent can be met just outside the arrival lounge of the airport. It will not be difficult for you to identify the agent since he can be found displaying a placard with the name of the group, and names of individuals only if they are FITs.

Customs clearance & baggage carrying :
You will have to make your baggage clear at the customs and bring your baggage on your own from the customs to the exit point since the government regulations do not permit the agents to enter the area. You are permitted to bring in dutiable goods like tobacco and liquors within the prescribed quantity free of duty. Carrying narcotics, arms and ammunition is strictly prohibited. Your agent looks after your baggage only after you meet him outside the arrival lounge and hand over the baggage to them. Your agents will help you in carrying out the check-in formalities at the hotel.

Transfer facility :
Once you meet your agent outside the arrival lounge of the airport, he/she will make necessary arrangements for your transfer to the hotel as per your schedule. The vehicle will be waiting for you in the parking area.

We have cars, mini vans and coaches. We also provide vehicles as per your demand and contract signed between you/ tour operators and your agent here. The type of vehicles also depends on the size of your team.

Check-in :
When you reach the hotel, your check-in formalities will be carried out and you will be received with welcome drinks.
A tour officer (your agency’s representative) will look after you and your group. The officer will be constantly in touch with you during your stay in Nepal and he will inform and brief you about your itineraries and other information. He/she will make all the arrangements as per your schedules.

If you have any extra activity or program, please tell the tour officer who will assist you.
He/she will also help you in reconfirming your onward flight.

During your stay in Nepal, executive director and tour manager of your agency will extend necessary help to you in case you face any problem.

During Departure

Airport time :
You will have to reach the airport two hours before the departure flight time. Your agent will make arrangements to pick you up from the hotel about two and an half hours before the departure flight. If the agent fails to meet you, he/she will leave the message at the hotel mentioning the details of the departure about your onward flight.

He/she will bid you a farewell outside the departure gate of the airport.
Provision for excess baggage

International flight :
One passenger is allowed 44 lb. (20 kilos). You need to pay extra charge if you have more than 20 kilos. Please, consult the concerned airlines or agent.

Domestic flights :
There is the limit of 33 lb. (15 kilos). Excess baggage is permissible but you need to pay extra charged.

You can export souvenirs to their respective countries. But the export of antiques requires special certificate from the Department of Archaeology, National Archive Building. currency.