Spiders in Nepal

15 Nov 2022 Alpine Asian Treks

Spiders in Nepal

spiders in Nepal

More than 50 thousand spices of Spider are recorded in the world. From the study and research said that there are 386 types of spiders are recorded in Nepal and there could have many others spices which require more research. There are 34 different families found in Nepal and find till 6700m in Everest region. Some spiders live in group and some like to live alone. Some spiders hide in the hole and some make a net in the tree and bush.

Four spider species are reported to be unique to the southeast Asian region, including Nepal. They are species of colony spiders, tarantulas, goblin spiders and jumping spiders.

All spiders are predators. Some country use spiders to control the insects like Israel, China, South America and North America. Some spiders are toxic to human as well as.

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