Lodges guesthouse in Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

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Lodges and Restaurant in Annapurna Trekking

Lodges and guesthouses in Annapurna Base Camp trail

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is more convenient than in the past. The lodges and guesthouses have contact number to confirm you booking before you arrive to the village. This would also help to know the situation of weather and climatic conditions.

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Jhinu Dada

Name of Hotel GuesthouseTelephone number
Namaste Guest house and Restaurant9856068888, 9846267024
Tibet Guest House and restaurant9846306024, 9848257645
Hotel Evergreen and Restaurant9856031459, 9846148858,
Jhinu Guest and Restaurant9866009975, 9846999946
Hot Spring Guest House and Restaurant9846394428, 9856036459
Gurung Cottage and Restaurant9825144411, 9867358032
Green View Restaurnat (Upper Jhinu)9864656988, 9863512910
Machhapuchare View Point Homestay and restaurant (upper Jhinu)9748401869, 9846857496

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Chomrong

Heaven Guest House and Restaurant9846459051, 9741786419
Panorama Point Lodge and Restaurant9846978430, 9851048487
Fishtail Lodge and Restaurant9864372469, 9745457684
Himalaya View Guesthouse and Restaurant9856048888
Excellent View Top Lodge and Restaurant9856048777, 9856017888
International Guest House and Restaurant9846107026, 9846728166
Kalpana Guest House and Restaurant9846086194, 9856038149
Mountain View Lodge and Restaurant9861503261, 9869213842
Lucky Guest House and Restaurant9840152548., 9846054685
Monalisa Guest House and Restaurant9860232784, 9856050815
Chomrong Cottage and Restaurant9846756209, 9864379428
Elysium Guest House and Restaurant9866544324, 9846280528
New Chomrong Guest House and Restaurant9856066344, 9856036343
Hotel Alpine and Restaurant9846512738, 9748401871
Real Chomrong Guest House and Restaurant9863376854, 9864426864
Millennium Lodge and Restaurant 9846623995, 9844914725
Smriti German Bakery and Coffee shop9863490052
Garden Villa Lodge and Restaurant9863427465, 9840778917
New Destination Hotel and Restaurant9856044245, 9846469596


Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Lower Sinuwa

Brother Guest House and Restaurant9745452960, 9866346852
Super View guesthouse and Restaurant9742928313, 9848568356
Organic food and Beverage Restaurant9846464165/ 9867795749
Kalpana Guesthouse and Restaurant9846086194/ 9856038149
Nepali Restaurant9869093137
Hotel Himal and Restaurant9867060232/ 9864371767
Real Sinuwa Cottage and Restaurant9846004266/ 9860409015
Preeti Guesthouse and Restaurant9846342258/ 9866099316
Sherpa Guesthouse and Restaurant9864374467/ 9846740944
Muna Guesthouse and Restaurant9819134937/ 9865093172

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Lower Sinuwa

Hill Top Lodge and Restaurant9847023138/ 9860198011
Sunuwa Lodge and Restaurant9748211423/ 9856017499
Sinuwa Guesthouse and Restaurant9846262409/ 9846785834
Shailent Peak Restaurant9846623995/ 9846719276

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Bamboo

Buddha Guesthouse and Restaurant9866015164/ 9846257607
Bamboo Guesthouse and Restaurant9846318952/ 9866290080
Trekking Guesthouse and Restaurant9867060232/ 9862864742
Bamboo Lodge and Restaurant984173809/ 9865535290
Green View Lodge and Restaurant9846257879/ 9814148911
Eco Friendly Lodge and Restaurant9846855161/ 9863427465

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Doban

Doban Guesthouse and Restaurant9840778715/ 9846523411
Annapurna Approach Lodge and Restaurant9745283198/ 9816155501
Tip Top Lodge and Restaurant061621655/  9846027793
Destination ABC Lodge and Restaurant9846257685/ 9856044245
Green Land Lodge and Restaurant9749433227

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Himalaya

Himalaya Guesthouse and Restaurant9766027283/ 9856077000
Hotel Himalaya and Restaurant9842283392/ 9844901740
Hotel Royal Family and Restaurant9861355596/ 9846233819

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Deurali

New Panorama Guesthouse and Restaurant9846257775/ 9856077000
Dream lodge and Restaurant9863500218/ 9846287693
Shangrila Guesthouse and Restaurant9862385328/ 9840679043
Hotel Viewpoint Deurali and Restaurant9846359832/ 9746304090
Deurali Guesthouse and Restaurant9846280870/ 9866050425

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC)

Fishtail Guesthouse and Restaurant9856069055/ 9856035086
Shanker Guesthouse and Restaurant9745457948/ 9866343291
Gurung Co-Operative Guesthouse and Restaurant9749359056/ 9745289937
Machhapuchare Guesthouse and Restaurant9846257774/ 9762868430
Gangapurna View Lodge and Restaurant9846214351/ 9745449332

Lodge/ Guesthouse/ Restaurant in Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

Annapurna Guesthouse and Restaurant9846063557/ 9844920552
Annapurna Sanctuary Lodge and Restaurant9846397742/ 9846923397
Hotel Paradise Garden and Restaurant9846605439/ 9869141256
Sunrise Guesthouse and Restaurant9869093628/ 9866099316
Hotel Peaceful and Restaurant9864381912/ 9840604468

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