Kirtipur, Ancient town in Kathmandu

26 Jun 2024 Alpine Asian Treks

Glorious city in Kathmandu

According to the ancient written records of Nepal, specifically the Gopalraj Vamshavali, it is said that a cow named Bauri (Bahurhi) roamed along the banks of the Bagmati River and reached the current location of Pashupatinath. There, she grazed on fragrant grass and started producing milk. Curious about what lay at that spot, the herdsmen dug and found the divine light of Pashupatinath, which incinerated the herdsman. Later, the son of this herdsman, Bhuktaman, was made king of the land. These herdsmen lived near present-day Matatirtha (Padmakasthagiri) or in what is now Kirtipur. Because they achieved great deeds and left behind a legacy, the place came to be known as Kirtipur.
On the other hand, in the 12th century, it is said that King Shivadeva established Kirtipur (Dolagiri). This fact has been mentioned by foreign historians like Bandal, who have published records and history of Nepal. According to historian Bhuvan Lal Pradhan, Kirtipur might not be older than other cities in the Kathmandu Valley, but it is an ancient historical, cultural, and beautiful city.
From a tourism perspective, after Bhaktapur, it is a city rich in art, culture, and old traditions. Predominantly inhabited by the Newar community, this city also has a significant place for Buddhism, with many ancient Buddhist monasteries and stupas scattered around.

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