Avalanche in Annapurna circuit

There was an heavy avalanche in Manang area (Annapurna Circuit Trekking route) on 3rd march 2024. At Nyshang Dhikurpokhari, due to avalanche the circuit trail to Annapurna was blocked. The avalanche are is 14km north from the headquarter of Manang district Chame. As per the CDO of Manang, they have been working to clear the blockade by a excavator from yesterday. As per ACAP officer, there are about 30 trekkers each day trekking through the route. The avalanche happened was at night and there were no any people in an accident.

Trekker found dead in Machhapuchare

Ms. Pla Josh, a German national, was discovered deceased in Machhepuchare, Nepal, where she had been trekking with an American companion. She had lost contact since Saturday, prompting the deployment of the Armed Police Force to search the suspected area. Her body was found vertically down a rock in Machhapuchare Rural Municipality, Mirsa. According to her trekking partner, she slipped while returning from the Machhepuchare trek. The American companion reported the incident to the police in Pokhara. The search team located her on a steep rock slope and is now preparing to retrieve her body with the assistance of ropes.

Source: News agency

Accident in Dhaulagiri trekking

Trekkers were going to Dhaulagiri trek from west side. One of the porter lift the luggage of the trekkers to Dhaulagiri Base Camp at an altitude of 4650m from sea level. The porters were returning to the Italian base camp (3500m) on 20th of April 2023. The avalanche hit them while returning. One of the porter name Amrit Rai, permanent resident of Solukhumvu, Dudhkunda-1, age of 20 was died.

Mt. Dhaulagiri I 8167m is 7th highest peak in the world. The round Dhaulagiri is considered as one of the difficult trekking pass.

Avalanche in Annapurna

An Indian climber, Mr. Anurag Malu went to climb Annapurna I 8091m (10th highest mountain in the world) was hit by avalanche. He was successfully rescued on 20th of April after 3 days of accident. He was in between camp 2 and 3 at an altitude of 5800m. The team did some primary treatment at the base camp and lift Pokhara for further treatment and preparing to air lift to India. One French and one Nepali climber were successfully rescued in the same avalanche. Avalanche is one of the high risk to the climbers. Every year, due to avalanche climbers lost their life. It is unpredictable and can be massive.

What to bring in Tea House Trekking in Nepal

Everest area, Langtang region and Annapurna trekking area offers a lodges (guesthouse) to sleep and eat. The lodges are nice, friendly and prepare delicious food. You do not need to carry or worry about basic daily needs even though the followings are suggestions for your comfortable and safety.

Sleeping bag: Binging your sleeping means you will have a good sleep without worry. Mostly, the lodges provide a blanket and it is nice to have extra while in cold temperature.  

Permanent water bottle: Being a responsible trekker, you can’t buy plastic bottle and through after drink?! Further, in Annapurna conservation area they do not sell plastic bottle water. You have to bring your own permanent water bottle and every lodge offer filter water to refill with extra pay.

Copies of documents: You have to buy trekking permit/ national park entrance ticket/ conservation permit fee/ TIMS to do a trekking in Nepal. You will require all original copies of such documents and you can have a copy of each of them so that just in-case you can show when need.  You can take pictures and save in to your cell phone as well as.

Map of the area: Carry a printed map of the area. In case, digital map do not work you have hard copy and you can explore while free time and know more about the area.

GPS- altimeter: It will help you to known how high you are trekking and in case if you miss the way, you can come back to normal route. It would be very much helpful in bad weather and in case you have to change the route.

Flash light: Some time you have to go to toilet at night or in case there may not have electricity. Bright a compact flash light.

Cell phone and charger: Generally, cell phone works around the route of trekking. Please do not forget to bring the charge and a sim card. You can buy an internet data pack to be connected all the time.

Camera: If you want to grab the best moment in a proper photo, bring a good camera.

Snacks: You can buy snacks all along the trekking route. Every day, before start your trek, fill your back pack with snacks. You would seem more smart and responsible trekker.

Proper cloths: The clothing’s depends on season and height. You must ask to your agency or ask to your friend or to the forums.

Personal backpack: Carry your personal items by self with at least water bottle and snacks so that when you feel thirsty or hungry you have some things to bite instantly.

Toiletries: Bring your won toiletries including toilet paper, tooth brush, towel, shaving items, sun block, etc.

Trekking pole: It helps if its slippery, while going down, in case your got some keen ache or in a small trail. Emergency number: Bring a emergency number in case you require to help

A Good trekking guide/ Porter: If you hire a good professional trekking guide, it worth more then you have paid. He can be your friend, tell you about Nepal, he could save your life in difficult time.

Medical Kit: bring at least some medicine in your back pack in case you got sick (stomach ache, head ache, Fever, diarrhea, Mountain sickness, pain killer, bandages, iodine etc.