Shivapuri Nagarjun National park hiking

Shivapuri Nagarjun National park hiking is the nearest park from Kathmandu which is situated to the north. The park is established in 2002 with the area of 144sqkm. The park receives local and international tourist to explore its natural beauty, flora and fauna. The Shivapuri Peak 2720m high from sea level offers a crystal view to Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and many more to eastern.

The park is considered good location to bird watching as it harbors 318 spices of bird and 14 of them are threaten and 117 are migratory bird. The major birds are Spiny babbler, oriental hobby, Cinerous vulture, Himalayan griffon, Hen harrier, Sparrow, Hawk, Magpies, Kalij, bushchat, Cuckoos, bulbul, warblers, etc.

Beside the birds, there are 2112 spices of plants and 1250 are flowering plants and 57 medicinal. The park is the residence of leopard, sloth beer, deer, pangolin, monkey, wild boar, porcupine, large indian civet, flying squirrel, bat and masked palm civet etc. Common cobra, green pit viper, rat snake also found in the park.

There are many hiking routes within the park. Some routes are good to track and some are difficult to find the right one. The park is good for nature hike as there are no man made disturb like vehicles, hotel, restaurants or etc. There is a Nagi gumpa (Buddhist) to the eastern side from the park headquarter and some ashram are near the peak. The hiker should bring their lunch pack, few bottle water to drink with them.

Teej festival in Nepal

Teej (Haritalika), is the great festival of Hindu women which was observed yesterday (30th Aug 2022) of this year. The festival is mainly dedicated to Goddess Parvati, as she has got a union to Lord Shiva of after her devotional prayer. Further unmarried girls wish to get a best husband and married women wish long and happy life to their husband. They do not eat whole day even a water to make a it more holy and believe that wish come true.

This festival is celebrated all over Nepal and also in India. The festival celebrates with its uniqueness. The women mostly wear red Sari (red dress) and get together in common place, sing a folk song and dance. As they do visit Lord Shiva temple nearby them to worship, most of them go to Pashupatinath temple standing in a huge row line. The Teej is an old traditional festival of Nepal, it is more popular around the modern city as well as the village.

This is one of the happiest and special days with them because they do get free from the regular work and stress and can fully enjoy with another closer feminine. Generally, the married girls are invited to their birth home and feed them a delicious food. They meet their childhood friend and family member which gives joy and happiness.

Nepal is very cultural country. There are many festivals accordingly the religion, cast and geographically as well as. This types festival helps to reunite the friendship, family and refresh personally. This festival falls after a couple of month of heavy rain and hardworking, it is also a break to them. After Teej finish, there are major festival in a way like Dashain and Dipabali. Happy Teej.

Frog worship in Kathmandu

Nepal is rich in its live culture and traditions. The richness of the culture represents the prosperity of the people in the society. Kathmandu is very rich in its culture and tradition. The farmer in Kathmandu worship Frog as a GOD. The tradition, which is called ‘Byanja Naka: Banegu’ in Newari, is a part of the belief that frogs are perceived god of nature and messenger of the god of rain and will help bring rain and good harvest. Frogs are also believed to help in protecting farmers’ crops by devouring harmful insects. Frog Worshiping festival in Kathmandu falls in a full moon day in July. 

On that day, the farmer goes down to their green rice field and offer delicacies to the frog, boiled rice, 9 different types vegetable. This is also an excuse of an unknowing hurt to the frog while working in the field.