Shekhar Thapa Managing Director

Please accept my warm greeting from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal on the behalf of Alpine Asian Treks team.

Alpine Asian Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd. was established in 2006 with various objectives in Nepal’s mountain tourism. The foremost objective of our institution is to operate an Eco friendly treks and tour. Then to find the potential virgin areas and promote, market and finally sell them to the clients. To achieve our goals, we have trained to our all staffs who spend most of the time with our customers. Our guides keep knowledge about the Eco friendly way of trekking operation for which we call ‘A Quality Service’. Organizing get together party, picnic and etc. we always interact the experiences, feelings and case studies as well with our valuable Guides and Helpers so that they would know well enough to our Company’s motto and objectives. And they could express their feelings and difficulties to us.

We believe ourselves in exploring new potential touristic areas by various means. Then we market and promote all the available resources and sources of such areas. It would be great advantage to the people of such rural area and also a touristic destination for domestic and international tourists. As a result of such exploration exercise, you can have a short visit on some of the itineraries now in our website.

Thank you for visiting our website!