The list of Nepal Trekking equipment

Trekking clothing would depends on the season and the area you are going to trek.    At the same area, winter season require proper winter clothing whether in a summer time, light jacket would be enough. However, it wold be always good to prepare properly to enjoy the trekking. You will never know when the weather would became abnormal than usual.
Please find the following list of trekking equipment for an general idea. If you require further assistance, please do send us a email. Our trekking manager will reply you with answer of your questions.

Trekking boot (thick sole), few pairs of trekking socks, trouser (thermal and wind breaker), few pairs of T shirts, pull over, light flesh jacket, wind proof worm jacket, gloves, cap, sleeping bag, sun hat, poncho, mattress, sleeping bag and etc. Down father Jacket in deep winter.

Camera battery, charger, flash light, lighter, sun cream, small book, day bag, bag cover, bag to give porter, sleeper, trekking pole, small knife and etc.

Hand towel, soap, tooth brush, paste, face wash, toilet paper, wait tissue, hand wash gel (women kit to their period).

For Headache, for stomachache, pain killer, bandage, Gauze, cotton, Iodine, Diamox™ (will require normally while going above 3000m.)

Chocolate, biscuit, chewing gum, or etc

 Environment friendly Nepal trekking equipment:
Water bottle to refill the boiled water from the lodges or iodine tablets to purify the water, rubbish bag to bring till the lodge or to the right place and etc.

Do a safe trek,