Foreign Exchange in Nepal
Visitors must exchange foreign currency only through banks or authorized foreign exchange dealers. They can exchange money at foreign exchange counter at the airport upon arrival. They need to take receipts of the transaction. Currencies can be exchanged between 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. at commercial banks from Monday to Friday. The banks remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Nepalese Currency
The Nepalese currency is called Rupee (which is often written NRs). The Nepalese notes of NRs. 1, NRs. 2, NRs. 5, NRs. 10, NRs. 20, NRs. 25, NRs. 50, NRs.100, NRs. 250, NRs. 500 and NRs. 1,000 are in use. Coins of 5 paisa, 10 paisa, 25 paisa and 50 paisa are also in use.

Currency Converter
Use currency converter to convert your holiday funds instantly. Simply type the amount of currency you would like to convert, select the currency you are converting from and to, and then just click on the currency converter button to perform currency conversion.

Note : The currency rates are subjected to have constant change depending upon the exchange rate of Government bank.

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