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“Happy customers are our brand ambassador”. While we are designing the itinerary, we always give high priority to make it hassle free. We explore the site physically and by knowing it all, we refer to our clients. We would like to be in touch at any time to make your tour pleasure and smooth. Our mobile are always open including manager, director and even office staff. We will always try to reply you promptly to all your queries and questions. We believe that response on time will solve half of the problems. 

Our tour/ trekking prices are always reasonable. Offering a reasonable price will change customer to friend. Further as we have good relations with hotels, resorts, transports and airlines and it helps to make better prices. Our prices are always based on fact sheet. We understand that every single genuine money cost efforts. 

Safety first

“No compromise with Safety and health”. We operate all the tour and trek kings to safe and secure areas. Though the adventures are always comes with risks. Further thinking of you while in travelling, we will keep note your cell num, guide cell num and other local information’s. If we find any notice or signs of upcoming problems, strike, blockade, or other potential natural problems, we will let you know in advance. We will only operate after your permissions. 

Trip organized concerning both responsible travelling and sustainable tour operation.

Credit to the community

We are also a member of some community. As we love our community, surroundings the other people also love their own society and culture. Thinking of our glove and nature, we support local NGO, CLUB or activities to preserve the environment, culture and habitat. We support by donations money and also by participating ourselves to the activities.

Upgrading Teams Skill

We have our own calendar to refresh our tams within the year. We organize some training to upgrade the changes and awareness. Likewise, we organize picnic to build a happy team within the company workers. We reward to the best service delivers within the year.

Flexible and tailor-made trips

We are open to tailor made your itinerary with your interest. 

Special discount for group travelers and family holiday tours

We will give a special discount to the families’ and group tour. Further we will special take care to the family tours. We will give extra care to the child below 10 years.