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The world is the common house to all living creatures. Every living has their nature, culture and life style. We have to respect the local practice to respect them and to preserve the eco-system. While we are doing any activities to the local areas that should give benefit to the locals. Our activities must help to handover this earth to our generation as we receive.

Tourism is associated with business. Business generates economic benefit. Responsible tourism is about benefit sharing between the operator and the destination people and environment. Thinking or the destination people and environment we have the following understanding to run our business.

Environment: Alpine Asian Treks has set its priority to operate its tour and trek with environment friendly way. We train our guide and porter to be environment friendly. We will accommodate to our guest the best from the area and buy maximum from the locals. We, our operator discourage uses of plastic and use renewable energy even in the mountain areas. We ask to our guest to protect natural habitat and minimizes negative environmental impacts, makes positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, wilderness, natural and human heritage.

Social/Cultural : “Be respected by respecting to others” we train and request to the travelers to travel by respecting the local culture and traditions. We encourage to support positively to preserve the cultural value and if not don’t disturb them. 

Economic : Alpine Asian Treks love to share our benefit from tourism with the local destination people as a responsible operator. We buy local food, use local lodge, local supporters to upgrade the area and mention the quality of the services. 

Be a responsible traveler and follow the ethos of Responsible Travel and be a part of uplifting to the low level people and community. Your small contribute could change a small world to the peace and prosperous society.